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Virgil Abloh & Jenny Holzer Planned Parenthood

Virgil Abloh & Jenny Holzer Planned Parenthood

Photography c/o Jack Davison

Model c/o Tamibé Bourdanné

Virgil always left the door open for others to follow behind him and he taught us to look out for one other. In honor of our founder and his values, we celebrate freedom, being human and the fundamental right to choose. We believe in the power of individuality and the freedom to determine the course of their life and future.

Off-White™️ re-releases the Virgil Abloh and Jenny Holzer T-shirt available at and Off-White™️ Paris store. The T-shirt is a subtle redesign of the artist’s famous ’86 artwork ‘Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise’.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization that provides vital reproductive health care in the United States and globally.


  • Virgil Abloh & Jenny Holzer Planned Parenthood T-Shirt

    virgil abloh & jenny holzer planned parenthood t-shirt


What is Virgil Abloh? No.8, System magazine, London 2017 © Juergen Teller, All rights Reserved